Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Still in Greece!

   Woke up this morning with an internet connection. No idea how that happened but I've decided against questioning.
   I never wrote about the rest of Santorini so: we ended up renting ATVs instead if scooters because all the rentals said we needed motorcycle licenses. This was strange because they did not make any if the boys who rented them present motorcycle licenses. This seems to be due to rampant sexism. The ATVs were probably easier to drive so and we had fun so that's good. We went to one of the biggest beaches to cliff dive but all of my contact solution had leaked out of the bottle so I couldn't take them out. I decided not to jump because I knew they might fall out in the water and that would make driving tough. We hung out for a while though and watched some mean teenage boys steal a little girl's Barbie doll. From there we mostly just drive around. We stopped by one beach that's famous for it's red cliffs and road up a hill to get pictures from high up. We ended up watching the sunset from the lighthouse at the south end of the island. The view was great but we were surrounded by hilarious couples taking each oths pictures and being in love which was both funny and a but awkward. The next day we mostly hung out on the beach and Sunday we headed to Mykenos on yet another super long ferry.
   Mykenos, to be honest, is a bit of a disappointment after Santorini. I think we were spoiled after the five minute walk to the beach, two minute walk to the ddlicous bakery, and patio full of friends in Santorini. Here the beaches are harder to get to and they are all very small and packed with beach chairs. In Santorini the beaches were lined with restaurants and bars each of which had its group of beach chairs for people who paid or ordered something, but there was plenty of room between groups of chair to lay towels so it never felt over crowded. Here there are so many restaurant owned beach chairs that the only place to put a towel is on the very edges of the beach. On the plus side, Mykenos town is really pretty and within talking distance and we are staying in a cheap but nice hotel which means clean towels every day. This is a huge luxury after months of using my slightly musty towel seventy times before washing it. The cleaning lady also straightens up and today she even folded my pajamas! She's the greatest!
   We've developed a routine in Mykenos: go into town in the morning/early afternoon for veggie gyros, go to the beach, come home and hang out, eat whatever we dig up at the supermarket around 10 (yesterday we made awesome Greek salad in cups), think about going out, fail to go out because they don't go out until 1 here and we are too tired/bored to wait that long. We have decided to make some extreme effort to go out Friday because there are supposed to be many awesome gay bars with drag queens. We will accomplish this by eating in town and then staying there until party time. Wish us luck!
   One week to go. I can't believe it's gone so quickly. Three months seemed so long three months ago. Will be sad to leave Europe, particuraly the freedom of backpacking but am excited to see my friends and family! Stay tuned for the rest of our adventures in Greece (including pictures) and some "goodbye Europe" reminiscing.

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