Saturday, September 17, 2011

Best ways to pass time in airports:

OK I don't actually have a list. Mostly I just read or wander through their shops. Really not that exciting. If you want something more creative you can probably Google it.

Currently on the final leg of our journey, JFK to Cleveland. I watched four movies on our ten hour flight from Athens to JFK (Midnight in Paris, Bridesmaids, The Lincoln Lawyer (in which Matthew Maconahay is totally the male Veronica Mars), and X Men: The New One). I have to take a moment here to declare my undying love for SkyMall. They offer great solutions to problems I never knew I had like unheated towels and not having life sized meerkat statues in my yard. It's the greatest. Excerpt from SkyMall: "Potty train your cat faster than most people potty train their kids." Awesome? Also, please don't potty train your cat, it's weird.


That was a few days ago! I'm now home and recovering from my jet lag (not nearly as bad as it was when we got into Madrid, thank God!). Headed back to school tomorrow or the next day. By my count I have a out four more posts planned so this is not the end! I swear there will be pictures of Greece!

In the meantime check out this list of ways to keep yourself entertained in the airport!

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