Monday, September 12, 2011

Back on the Ferry

    Well, back on a different ferry. I am writing from the very windy deck of our Mykonos to Athens ferry. I'm planning on posting this when we get to our hostel and have internet but there is a definite possibility that I will fall asleep instead.
    The rest of our stay in Mykonos was uneventful. We never actually made it out to find drag queens because once we went back the hotel after beaching we couldn't bring ourselves to leave. Whoops. We did, however, find a nice beach side bar where was laid around for the price of a 3 euro frappe. Not a bad price considering the mist of sand and trash that kept blowing on us when we just put our towels on the sand.
    We're hoping to do a walking tour in Athens, although the site of the one we found doesn't give a time for some reason so we have to figure that out. Other than that, a trip to the Parthanon is obviously in order, as well as an ouzo sampling since we actually haven't tried it yet. I'll definitely post more about that after it occurs.
    In spite of these plans the trip is winding down which means no more travel blog. I am planning on posting some lists along the lines of "Things I'm looking forward to in the US" and "Things I miss about Europe." Both these lists will probably be mostly regarding food and I planned to put them up while I'm still here but that may not happen. I'm also thinking about starting another blog. I have a few ideas so if I decide to do it I'll post the link. I also promise to out up pictures of Greece! Going to go hibernate from the wind now!
    I was going to put up the above post sooner but that didn't happen so I'm just going to add to it.
    We ended up getting into Athens later than we were supposed to. This final ferry ride of the trip was our fourth since Italy and was less "exciting adventure" and more "huddled masses freezing on the deck before fighting to the death to get off the boat." Seriously this one group of people were being so pushy I think they might have been being chased by bears. Hope they had a ride waiting because the to get a taxi we had to wait in a crazy line as they ushered people into the waiting cabs. It was efficient but weird. Our cab driver didn't know where we were trying to go and he called like twelve people and kept talking in Greek and then shouting out the name of the street. So that was encouraging. We didn't get to our hostel until 2 am and, after waking up the poor receptionist who seems to actually live in the office, we immediately crashed.
    Today we slept in, then grabbed spinach pie (easier to spell than the word we use for it in English) and headed to the Acropolis. It's supposed to be 12 euro to get in but only 6 if you,'re a student so I gave the ticket woman my international student card. She asked where I went and I wasn't sure if the discount only applied to EU students (insert metaphor about high school cliques and Mean Girls and the EU hating everyone, I'm to tired to make one that makes sense) so I said Trinity College in Dublin and she just let me in for free, completely disregarding the fact that my card says University of Cincinnati and that my accent is entirely un-Irish. Not sure if EU students are free and other students are 6 euro or if it was a holiday or something. Don't really care because free = awesome, as all college students know. Anyway, the Acropolis/Parthenon was cool even though it was surronded by scaffolding. They are trying to reconstuct it I think which seems pointless. I go to the Parthenon to see old stuff that lasted thousands of years. If I want to see what it used to look like I will look at I book. I don't know, I just think that if they reconstruct things too much, it cheapens the experience.
    Tonight, we hit a nearby movie theater and saw Bad Teacher (I know, not very Greek of us, but sometimes you just need some more Cameron Diaz in your life). It was super funny. Don't take your kids to see it. Also, Jason Segel, will you marry me. Ok,  I've officially stopped making sense, probably because I am super tired (I know I said we slept in but I also slept badly cause it's really hot) and hungry, so goodbye for now!

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