Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Best and Worst of Europe

Favorite Country: Ireland (you can't beat friendly people, pubs full of live music, green hills, and zero creeps)

Best Food: gyros and bakery goods in Santorini, pizza in Naples, and paella in Barcelona

Cheapest Place: Santorini (cheap food and cheap lodging, you could eat and sleep for about 20 euro a day)

Most Expensive Place: Paris (Versailles was 35 euro which is about $53)

Best Hostels: The Green Man in London, Farmhouse Hostel in Perugia, and River Aille in Doolin

Worst Hostel: The Mona Lisa in Rome (we didn't have any horror stories like a lot of the people we met but this place was basically an apartment with only two regular (house-style not separate stalls or showers) bathrooms for 30-40 people)

Nicest People:the Irish

Creepiest Individuals: French man in London who gave me a piece of fruit and then acted completely insane, Barcelona flasher

Dirtiest City: Naples

Cleanest City: Amsterdam

Most Encountered Travelers: Australians (seriously, everyone in Europe is Australian. In a few years, all the whole European Union will be run by Australians and thanks to me you can be like, "Yeah, I knew that was going to happen")

Best City: Madrid (so pretty, so much to do, such friendly people)

Worst City: Milan

Best Walking Tour: Madrid (he knew so many fun stories) and Dublin (that kid knew everything!)

Best Architecture: Barcelona (you can't beat Gaudi)

Most Fun Inter-City Trip: Bari to Patras (the whole trip, Sorrento-Athens, took 30 hours but the ferry ride itself was fun thanks to good weather and some new friends)

Worst Experience: having my backpack taken by the world's worst thief

Best Experience: impossible to pick but all the best moments involved the people we met and a lot of them involved food (picnic in Paris, cooking class with Amy and Dan in Barcelona, playing poker with our friends in Perugia)

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