Thursday, June 23, 2011

Madrid: Day 2

So this post was supposed to come from my blogger app and contain pictures but my apps seem to be struggling with the wifi so here I am rewriting it sanspictus because the blogger website doesn't seem to want to post them. Maybe the app will suddenly work and you can read the same basic post twice. Lucky you. If not I promise to keep trying so you can see some pictures.

Today we did a walking tour of Madrid. Its free and a bunch of other people from my hostel and a couple others went so I got to kmow a couple new people which is always nice. Our guide was funny and knew a ton about Madrid which was impressive especially since he is from Argentina. It was a fun tour and a great way to get oriented in the city (sort of) but at three hours it was a lot of walking.

After the tour we went to a resturant which featured authentic (I think) Spanish food for pretty cheap. We struggled with reading the menu even after we got the English version. I ended up ordering a "toast" with "toast vegetables jump with goat cheese." As you can imagine I was disappointed to find that the vegetable weren't so much jumping with the vegetables as sitting under them on some bread but ittasred good and it was my first real meal since before I got on the plane so I can't complain.

More on Madrid (and hopefully some pictures) later! Adios!

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