Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Never leaving Ireland

  Seriously, I love it here! The people are nice, the music is good, and everything is completely adorable. Been a while since I posted (other that the London pictures) so here's what went down between Dublin, our one day Galway, and today.
 We did a walking tour and a pub crawl in Dublin. The tour was great. Our nineteen-year-old guide gave the most passionate speech about Irish independence ever. It was nuts. The pub crawl was less great. I think after the awesome ones in Spain the rest of Europe can't compete, at least "bang for your buck" wise. Anyway, Michelle and I decided we would both rather hang out at a pub and hear some good music than bounce around to different places and end up at a bad club. So that's what we'll be doing from now on. We meant to go to the Guiness Storehouse on our last day in Dublin but we lost track of time and didn't make it. Ended up at a ally fun bar that night for a couple pints and a good singer/guitarist who mixed traditional Irish music with Johnny Cash and Mumford and Sons (Grandma, you would not have approved).
  Yesterday, we took the train to Galway. When we looked at hostels the night before there was plenty of availability so we decided to wing it instead of booking ahead. It worked out well because we met a girl from Alabama on the train and ended up tagging along to hostel she was staying in and getting beds there. We walked around the town a bit, got food, and then we tot eh pub with Carley (the girl from Alabama). There was a band playing and when they finished their set they told us that not a lot happens in Galway on a Monday night but they directed us to a bar that has music. The bar was pretty dead but we had fun dancing and hanging out until a drunk man celebrating his sixty first birthday spun Carley into my beer, spilling it all over our stuff. Michelle got the worst of the spill because it seeped through the zipper on her purse and broke her camera.
  Today we took a bus to Doolin, a little town on the coast. The drive was beautiful but Michelle and I both got really car sick and spent most of the trip with our eyes shut trying not to die so it was lost on us. We are here for a few days during which we want to see the Cliffs of Moher, the Aran Islands, and listen to a lot of music. Our friend Ben was supposed to meet us here Thursday. He is on a business trip and was going to take a couple of days afterward to hang out but he has to work through Thursday now so we are going to meet in Dublin Friday instead.
  I'm having picture issues but I will try to post some in a bit! Cheers!

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